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Year 2

Welcome  to Year 2!


Mrs Hanna Hannam

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Nikki Yassini

We are a class of 18 very talented children who love to learn new things.

At the moment our topic is 'Carnival of the Animals'. In this topic we have been writing excellent animal poems, creating fantastic dances in PE and we have even discovered our own new species of animal.

We have also been visited by one of the VCOP superheroes! Doctor Punctuation flew in to help us out with punctuating our sentences! We are expecting a visit from Victoria Visualiser very soon; when she visits we can show her our extraordinary skills in using adjectives and adverbs and impress her with our knowledge of using a thesaurus to find amazing vocabulary.

Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day as we are having a visitor from Zoolab.  He will be bringing a variety of different animals such as hermit crabs, giant African land snails, rats, giant millipedes, scorpions and even a tarantula! We will be learning about all these different animals’ habitats and will be able to ask the visitor lots of questions that we have been thinking about this week. We might even get to hold some of these animals!  Have a look at our photos...if you dare...!