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Our School Values

The historic Church of England foundation is very much ‘alive’ and the governors’ mission to provide an outstanding school where all pupils are valued, motivated and achieve high levels of success is driven by the distinctive Christian character of the school. We take a holistic approach in educating pupils, and are firmly committed to fostering excellent physical, mental and spiritual development.

Pupils at Elton demonstrate their spirituality throughout all areas of their learning and in their personal development. They have a deeply embedded understanding of the core Christian values and express themselves confidently in a wide variety of contexts. They are encouraged to become agents for change, not only for themselves but also for others. Pupils and staff model justice, friendship and compassion at all times and, in seeking guidance, consider the question ‘What would Jesus do?’ The answer (which the whole school community chose) was the commandment from the gospel of St John.  This has now become our School Vision, and embodies everything we do and every interaction with our community: 

"Love one another as I have loved you"

Our core Christian values embody our approach to all aspects of life at Elton.  Through these values, we learn how to get along and work with each other for the greater good.  This is reinforced through our Collective Worship themes, through our concept-driven curriculum revolving around a "Big Question", and through our whole school focus on behaviour and attitudes to learning.

Elton is a place where all members of the school community expect the best of themselves and each other, demonstrating each of our school values in all areas of their learning.  Children and adults endeavour to achieve their God-given potential and learn that they can exceed this through trust and faith in God, and by working together as members of the whole school community.

The following ‘core’ values were selected by the whole school community and are present in every aspect of the life and work of the school, they remind us how to serve one another, and honour Christ’s teaching:

  • Friendship – we are kind and considerate, we listen to each other, we are thankful
  • Endurance – we try our best and persevere even when we find things difficult
  • Compassion – we treat others as we would like to be treated
  •  Justice – we treat others with respect and act fairly, we understand that we are all equal
  • Trust – we have faith in our friends and the people who help us
  • Koinonia – we are all needed, valued and important members of our community