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Our Curriculum - an introduction

Our Elton curriculum is designed to excite and impassion children, giving them access to a broad range of opportunities through real-life experiences and a timetable of visits and visitors.  It is planned to prioritise shared values through each term's "Big Questions", so that links can be made between different groups of people; through their history, the places they live, their culture and their religion -  it is through understanding others that we learn most about ourselves.  The concepts taught through these big questions enable children to make meaningful links throughout their time at Elton, and help any newly acquired knowledge and skills to "stick".  

Our Elton Curriculum offer is not only designed to comply with statutory requirements, but to give children as many extracurricular opportunities as we can to help them find their "hook" and grow in confidence.  It comprises: formal learning opportunities to acquire and develop knowledge and skills; a timetable of visits, visitors and enrichment days; extracurricular opportunities (through clubs, events and Elton Enrich) and making the most of the wealth of opportunities on offer to us both through our beautiful location, and through our very talented wider community.