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Curriculum - The "What" (the subjects, year by year)

At Elton, we use progression of knowledge and skills grids in each subject to ensure that our expectations are at least in line with national expectations (please see the links to individual subjects). These form the "bones" or "skeleton" of each term's overarching Big Question. 

For some subjects we use a scheme of work to help build on previously acquired knowledge and skills.  These again form the "bones" and are there to support, rather than dictate, so that a teacher and their class can choose how to "flesh" things out: by adding in extra learning activities, teaching points, or lesson sequences and experiences that are more relevant to the Big Question.  These schemes are listed below.  The exception to our "fleshing out" model is phonics; in order to ensure fidelity to the scheme, Little Wandle is used exclusively to teach phonics and early reading.

Little Wandle (Phonics)

White Rose (Maths)

Charanga (Music)

Purple Mash (Computing)

Maximus Classicus (Latin)

Cambridgeshire Agreed Scheme (PSHE)

Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus (RE)