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British Values

As we continuously promote throughout this website, and throughout our school, our aim at Elton is to educate the whole child. We recognise that this does not merely involve a chain of learning experiences, covering the acquisition of skills and experiences linked to traditional academic subjects, but also involves the process of how we work together as members of a school society - a microcosm of our larger world. We fully believe that ALL children should be taught to understand, appreciate and respect diversity in order for them to effectively relate to and embrace the world we live in as local, national and global citizens and as potential leaders of the future.  

Through demonstrating our school values, children can be awarded, or voted into different roles and positions of responsibility.  They then can truly begin to learn the significance of and appreciate the value of what it means to live in Britain in today's world. 

The display in our entrance hall designed by our learning council, celebrates the role that British values have in our school, and connects them to our own school values and how we believe we should live our lives.  This makes them real to us.