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The Children's University is coming soon...

On Thursday last week, KS2 children had a special visitor; Mrs. Hawkey, a teacher from Dogsthorpe Junior School, is also the leader of the Children's University in Peterborough.  The Children's University is a fantastic national initiative to promote out of school learning opportunities for children aged 7-14 and their families.



Mrs. Hawkey came to invite Years 3-6 to join the Children's University and to show them the ways in which the after-school and weekend activities in which they already participate, can also be put forward as "Learning Destinations" and help them to achieve stamps on their Children's University passports. Attending these activities, and other one-off, special events, also provides them with the opportunity of socialising and mkixing with others from different schools, and the chance to "graduate" once their passport is full! The children are really looking forward to getting their passports after Christmas. If you would like to kick-start things over the Christmas holiday, click on this link and find out what's happening near you!

Keeeeeeeeeep learnin'!

Mrs. A