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Forsters Farm Trip

Forsters farm trip on the 26th of April.

Forster Class were lucky enough to go to Mr and Mrs Mee's farm! We thought we had to walk all the way to the farm... but no we met a tractor and trailer on the way and caught a lift on the trailer! On the way to the farm we had a tour,stopping off at different points to disscus  the farm. The first stop was at the noisy Aberdeen Angus cows, we saw them get fed and heard them moo!

Eventually we arrived at the huge farm. We then walked to the garage, cleverly made into a classroom (the seats were straw bales)! Mr Mee was very kind and gave us a drink and snack. After the snack we went to explore the farm. Afterwards we went to the Mee's house and looked at the adorable chickens and their eggs.

We thought that it was great fun, especially the cows! Would you like to go on this trip,because we definetely want to (again!)?

By Izzy,Charlotte and Lillie

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